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Ghost Stories from the Cotswolds Volume 1 Paperback

Ghost Stories from the Cotswolds Volume 1 Paperback

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"It passed within a few yards of us, and seemed to be nothing more nor less, than a great, grey wolf. Thin and gaunt, with bristling hair and dripping jaws. It stopped where the mist commenced and turned round. It was truly a horrible sight, and made one's blood run cold."

Usually reputed as the most beautiful region in the whole of England, join Robin Shuckburgh as he delves beneath the picturesque surface of the Cotswolds into the gruesome, dark depths. This is a collection of wonderfully ghastly tales from a range of classic authors. 

These stories include:

  • "Chavenage House" by Robin Shuckburgh
  • "The Reticence of Lady Anne" by Saki
  • "The Tomb of Sarah" by F.G. Loring
  • "The Peace of Mowsle Barton" by Saki
  • "An Unnatural Sister" by Herbert Evans
  • "Gabriel Ernest" by H.H. Munroe (Saki)
  • "Chastleton House" by Robin Shuckburgh and Herbert Evans
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